Use Fedora – the flexible, extensible repository platform with a RESTful API –
to store, manage, and preserve your digital assets and metadata.

Powered by Fedora

Fedora is a key component of larger application frameworks such as Samvera and Islandora.

Standards Based Services

Fedora provides a set of core repository services via RESTful APIs using modern web standards.

Any File, Any Size

Fedora can store, preserve, and provide access to any type of file - no restrictions!

Native Linked Data Support

Fedora is a Linked Data Platform server. It speaks RDF by default and participates as a native citizen of the read/write web.

Extensible Architecture

Fedora is designed to integrate with other applications and services to provide search, discovery, and more.

Advanced Storage Options

Fedora provides a variety of storage options for your files and metadata, including file systems, databases, and mor

Pluggable Security

Secure your digital assets with pluggable authorization modules: role-based, XACML, or Web Access Control.

Preservation Ready

Fedora provides key preservation services, such as fixity checking, an audit trail, versioning, and import/export.

Highly Scalable

Fedora can handle millions of files and metadata records

But wait, there's more!

Fedora is packed with the repository features you need.


Fedora provides core services via well-documented RESTful APIs that clients can rely on.

Powerful Extensions

Fedora is more than a set of core services - plug-in modules provide OAI-PMH dissemination, SWORD deposit, and more!

Message Based Workflows

Use the built-in messaging framework to build powerful, scalable workflows.

Easy Deployment

Fedora deploys easily as a WAR file into any servlet container.

Batch Operations

Bundle a series of actions together into a single repository event to achieve better consistency and performance.

Open Data, Open Formats

It's just as easy to get your data out of Fedora as it is to get your data in - export your data in an open RDF format that isn't dependant on Fedora.