Registration Open: Fedora and Samvera Camp in Berlin

June 14, 2018By kristi searleFedora

DuraSpace and Data Curation Experts invite you to attend Fedora and Samvera Camp at the Berlin State Library November 5 – 8, 2018. Fedora is the robust, modular, open source repository platform for the management and dissemination of digital content. The latest version of Fedora features vast improvements in scalability, linked data capabilities, research data … Read More

Announcement: Fedora API Specification Initial Public Working Draft

June 30, 2017By carol minton morrisFedora

From Andrew Woods, Fedora Tech Lead, on behalf of the Specification Editors and the Fedora Leadership After much discussion and iteration, the initial public working draft of the Fedora API Specification is now available for broader public review. As described in the specification charter [1], this specification is designed to: Define the characteristics and expectations … Read More

Expanded Language Support in Hyku

June 26, 2017By carol minton morrisFedora

From the Hyku team–The Digital Public Library of America, Stanford University, and DuraSpace It’s the week of Open Repositories 2017, the annual international conference for delegates from research libraries and other institutions around the globe to meet up (this year in lovely Bribane, Australia), and share their latest challenges and advances. We can’t think of a better time to … Read More


June 21, 2017By carol minton morrisFedora

DuraSpace is pleased to announce that the new HykuDirect web site is up and running, and ready to field inquiries about the exciting new hosted service currently in development: • The site features Hyku background information, a complete list of key features, a timeline that lays out the steps towards availability of a full-production … Read More

NOW AVAILABLE: Fedora 4.7.3 Release

June 12, 2017By kristi searleFedora

From David Wilcox, Fedora Product Manager, on behalf of the Fedora team The Fedora Team is proud to announce the release of Fedora 4.7.3 on June 7, 2017. Full release notes are available on the wiki. The Fedora 4.7.3 release is a backwards compatible refinement of the previous release, which fixes a namespace-corrupting bug that has the … Read More

Aaron Birkland–Extending Fedora Functionality

May 30, 2017By kristi searleFedora

The Fedora repository project relies on many individuals and institutions to make the project successful. We are grateful for their commitment and will showcase their contributions in a series of community profiles aimed at recognizing our contributors’ achievements, and introducing them to the rest of the community.  Aaron Birkland has been a contributor to Fedora since the … Read More

Recording Available–Powering Linked Data and Hosted Solutions with Fedora

May 18, 2017By kristi searleFedora

On May 16, 2017 Fedora community members presented a webinar entitled ” Powering Linked Data and Hosted Solutions with Fedora.” David Wilcox, Fedora Product Manager with DuraSpace, provided an overview of Fedora with a focus on its native linked data capabilities. Hannah Frost, Manager, Digital Library Product and Service Management with Stanford University, presented Hyku, the Hydra-in-a-box repository product, … Read More

INVITATION: Fedora and Hydra Camp at Oxford

May 18, 2017By kristi searleFedora

DuraSpace and Data Curation Experts are pleased to invite you to attend the Fedora and Hydra Camp at Oxford University, Sept 4 – 8, 2017. The camp will be hosted by Oxford University Oxford, UK and is supported by Jisc. Training begins with the basics and build toward more advanced concepts–no prior Fedora or Hydra experience is required. Participants … Read More

Fedora 4 in Production at Penn State ScholarSphere

May 17, 2017By kristi searleFedora

Deploying Fedora 4, or Migrating from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4 is a challenge with built-in rewards. This series of articles, “Fedora 4 in Production” looks into why and how community members are working with Fedora 4 to enhance both collections and workflow at their institutions. In this article Dan Coughlin, IT Manager, Digital Scholarship … Read More